Writing, again.

So I didn’t put anything on here for a long time because I was finishing up one college course, in addition to everything else I do. This doesn’t mean that I have much more time to write than I did while I was finishing it up. But I will have a little bit more, at least.

I, however, didn’t exactly stop writing. I have planned out yet another complex saga that I, at some point, will get around to writing.

I’m also at this moment working on another short story that will probably end up being longer than I was thinking it was going to be.

So right now, I have four massive sagas mapped (almost entirely) out. (Kyreth, xx12, the one I just mentioned, and other one that I mentioned a little while back.)



One thought on “Writing, again.

  1. […] I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago, the supposed “short story” I was working on was seeming longer than I meant it to […]

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