I just wrote this last night in a flurry of writing.

But then I had trouble getting to sleep in the complete darkness of my room.


The darkness has eaten me.
The darkness has eaten almost everything in this house.
It originally spread in though our electricity. When we first got electricity, all the breakers popped and our house was flooded in darkness for several hours. We were all in different parts of the house at that time, me and my two relatives, Oliver and Resquin.
I heard a shriek come from the downstairs. It sounded like it had come from Resquin.
“What…what the hell is going on?!”
The lights flickered on for a second.
“Damn! What happened to my arm? Oliver! Oliver! What…what the…the…hell?!”
I heard a door slam. I slowly got up from my chair. I had been sitting in the pitch blackness, not knowing what to do.
Another scream came from Resquin. “Oh hell! No! No! Don’t take me!”
I tried to move, to step forward, but the darkness held me back. I felt a tendril of black wrap around my wrists and ankles.
And Resquin was gone.
The shadows let go of Oliver and I. We went to where we thought we had heard Resquin from. On the floor was a puddle of black. It oozed into the floorboards.
That’s when we knew the house had been infested.
Oliver and I moved into closer rooms, so we could help each other if the darkness attacked again. But it didn’t.
Not for a while, anyway.
After a few months, we noticed some things disappearing. Nothing big, things like pens and cans of food. Whenever we would try to find those things, all we would see in their stead would be a puddle of blackness.
But then the darkness started going after bigger things.
Much bigger things.
A bookcase gone, a chair, even a door. But we feared trying to leave the house. We felt that the darkness wouldn’t…approve of us leaving.
We managed to live with the disappearing items. But then it got into the electricity somehow. It got into our computers and destroyed a few things there. Eventually it destroyed the power cords completely and we couldn’t even use the computers anymore.
But then the big attack came.
One night, we tried to turn on a light once it started getting darker. I pulled the chain and the fluorescent bulb snapped on.
In a second, the bulb exploded. I tried another, to the same outcome. Soon enough we had run though the entire house, trying the switches.
In no time the house was flooded again. Oliver and I started running to the door, but shadow coiled around us and held us taught.
In the absolute dark I wasn’t able to see Oliver die, but I could hear him. His screams echoed though the entire house. A few minutes after he stopped screaming, the shadow around me melted away and I went towards where he was.
I heard a small splash.
A small amount of light had returned to the house. I looked down at my shoe. I had stepped into the puddle of darkness. A stream of it was running up my leg.
I screamed, stomped my leg, and hit the shadow away from my leg.
It splattered onto the floor and sunk in again.
Thinking back on it now, I know I must have heard it, but at the time I just accounted it to nerves. As the light started coming back into the room, I thought I heard a whispering voice say, “Not yet, not yet…”
The morning of the next day I decided to get out as soon as I could. I packed a small bundle of clothes and money and headed towards the front door.
Our front door had been a nice, cheery yellow. But after the first attack, it had turned black. We didn’t question it, we just thought of it in the same way as the disappearing pens.
I opened the door and headed out briskly.
Somehow I felt all the light in the house go away instantly. I didn’t turn my head, I just kept walking.
But then arms of darkness reached out, covered my mouth and grabbed me. Pulled me back into the house. As soon as I was back in, another arm reached out and slammed the door shut.
The bonds of shadow tightened. I felt the surface of them start to burrow into my arms and legs. Moist, burning cold.
An arm of the black reached into my mind, started pulling out memories. I screamed at the pain of some of them combined with the sheer terror of something going through my life as well as eating away at my body.
“We are only feeding,” it said into my head.
I screamed again.
I looked down at my arms blindly. Nothing could be seen. But I knew what they would look like could I see them. Arms of shadow, just like the ones eating away at me, mind and body.
My neck bent unnaturally. I screamed once more before dropping to the ground.
And the darkness still lives today, in a house completely black.


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