xx12: lost [Chapter One]

I opened my eyes and looked around. My head was pounding, my sight was blurred. All I saw was a white hill on a black backdrop.
Where am I? It almost…looks like the moon.
But I couldn’t see well and closed my eyes from the new reality.
Maybe…I can see better now.
I opened my eyes again, hoping that I would see something more reasonable.]
The sight before me was clear for a second before the shapes and colors melted into each other, horribly corrupting the scene.
Nope, that’s even worse.
I tried once more and was pleased when I saw that the sight was better. Pleased, that is, before I was horrified when I realized what I was looking at.
I was standing on a what did, indeed, look like the moon. The ground was purely white. The surface of the planet or moon was littered with craters, ranging from small to large. In the sky were two planets, a white one and a orange-red one.
I turned around slowly, fearing the unknown of what I might find there.
Floating in space was what looked like earth, shattered into several pieces. The sight was so shocking that I gasped. My head spun, and I remembered. Remembered what had happened.
There had been a comet, heading towards my planet. The occupants, including me, got into escape pods. We were sent into space just in time for the comet to hit, destroying our planet.
I looked around again and noticed an escape pod on the surface of the planet, probably the one I had come from. Smoke was rising from it. I rushed over to it, hoping beyond hope that I could get it working again to escape from this barren place.
In that moment a thought struck me. If I’m on the moon, then how am I breathing?
I dismissed it, not even having a guess at the answer. I took a deep breath and looked at the shuttle. Smoke was still rising and I was out of options. I kicked it over.
The shuttle fell over on its side with a groan. The smoke started pouring out even more rapidly.
But then another thought struck me. Even if I’m somehow able to breathe, should the smoke be floating? I don’t know if smoke can float on the moon or not.
I looked up, hoping to see the effects of an atmosphere somehow. The stars above me twinkled slightly.
Yes…yes, that means there is an atmosphere. I think.
I turned around and saw a bright orange light. My eyes adjusted to the brighness and I saw that it seemed to be coming from the sun, or something like the sun at least. I felt that this was somehow my one chance at survival, so I started walking towards it.
As I was walking, a memory hit me.
I’m not anywhere near the earth. No…no. It wasn’t the earth that exploded, it was Belenid.
Several images flashed through my mind of a large rocket lifting off and traveling deep into space. I was on that rocket.
Yes, I left earth for some reason. I went to Belenid.
But even the images weren’t enough to bring back my memory. I couldn’t even remember my name. I headed back towards the shuttle, hoping it would give me some of the answers.
Once I got there, I decided to try and upright the vehicle before trying to access the computer inside, if it was still working. Before I walked around to the other side, I hesitated.
Reprimanding myself, I walked around it. On the other side of the ship lay a body. I looked closer. He was dressed in a typical suit of a pilot. Blood was streaming out of a hole in his head. I felt his skin. It was cold.
I just decided that he must have died in the crash, though I wasn’t entirely settled on that decision. I took another look at him. A small line of blood had trailed out of his mouth.
It was the crash. Unless…there’s something else on this moon, or satellite, or whatever it is.
My mind was screaming for me to get out of there as soon as I could, to look for something, anything that would help me. But better reasoning told me to check if the shuttle was working first.
I put my weight against the side. After a few minutes of struggling, I had set it right again. I peered through the glass and noticed the terminal of the computer blinking. I fiddled with some of the controls on the side of the shuttle and eventually the top popped open.
I climbed inside and inspected the terminal. I pressed Enter and words appeared on the screen.

Last login: 2 hours ago.

I typed in the words “who am i”. The computer came out with:

The passengers aboard this shuttle are:
Trel Kenad
Velak Sholen

That didn’t help me much, so I asked another question.

who is alive

The only currently living passenger is:
Trel Kenad.

Trel Kenad. Yes…that seemed…right. It fit, somehow. My mind spun for a moment at the fact that I knew my name again.
The computer seemed fairly intuitive, so I decided to ask a question that had been on my mind.

is the shuttle broken

It responded, saying,


how is it broken?

The fuel generator’s renulator is broken. If you wish to fix the shuttle, you will need:
1 renulator

Now that I knew what I had to do, I didn’t think I needed the computer anymore.

log off


Well, knowing what you need is all good and fine, I told myself, But how am I going to get a renulator?
I decided I didn’t have much of a choice, so I chose to walk around for a bit.
The white hills and black sky put me in a daze as I walked. I may have walked for just a few minutes, I may have walked for hours. But I was startled out of my daze by a different sound when I stepped. Instead of the soft crunching sound, I heard a hollow thunk.
I looked down. Nothing looked out of the ordinary. I cleared away some of the dust.
It was a metal portal. I unlocked and opened it and looked down. All I saw was blackness. I looked around, hoping to find a rock or something to throw down it to gauge how deep it was. But there was nothing but dust.
Well, may as well just jump down it, I thought. I jumped down and was met with more blackness. Then I remembered nothing.


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