I certainly hope you all have seen this video:

Well, watch it again anyway. My friends and I thought that it might be a pretty epic video to write a fanfic of.


So I did.

And here it is!

The first one had been easy. She just put on her nicest dress and headed down into the abandoned subway terminal. Sure enough, a middle aged man with black, greasy, slicked back hair followed her down. A simple hand motion had done away with him quickly enough. Afterwards she drew a single line in one of the cement pillars using his blood.
The second had been slightly trickier. He had somehow managed to bring a knife down with him. Soon she was done with him too, though.
But after that was when He contacted her. A phone rang down in her subway terminal, a phone that had been disconnected as long as she had known.
She picked it up slowly, carefully.
“Hello?” she said in her most innocent young-girl voice.
“Don’t bother trying to play around with me,” the voice on the other side said. “I know who you are, what you can do. What you have been doing. And I like it. I want to help you.”
“But who are you? And why do you want to help me?”
“I’ve helped many like you for a while now. I have one condition, though. You can never see me or ask about who I am.”
And with that the phone clicked off. She set down the phone and carefully backed away. The body of the man she had previously killed was now lying in a pool of blood. After drawingt another tally mark into the cement pillar, she pulled his body into the trench where the subway ran while it was working. It was now her designated dumping spot. The body fell next to the previous one with a small thud.
She dusted off her hands and walked deeper into the terminal.
She went down a completely dark hallway. With a flick of her fingers, she produced a small amount of light. Eventually her earlier drained energy fell out and she walked in the shadow.
A little while later she stopped. A pair of red eyes appeared before her.
“How many?” A deep voice growled out of the black.
“Two. But I’ve been contacted by…someone.”
“Him. I expected he would. Be careful with him. But he will help you as long as you follow his…conditions.”
She then walked back out into the light of the subway terminal, went up the steps, and walked around the city again.

Several days later, she went back down again, luring a pedophile. As soon as she made her way down into the terminal, she picked up the phone. Without dialing, she spoke into the microphone.
“I think I might need help with this one.”
She turned around. The man stood over her, arms beginning to reach out. She screamed, dropped the phone, and began quickly casting spells. He flew backwards, stunned by her sudden attack. A few more moments of the beating and he was out cold on the floor.
Smoke rose from where the girl stood. The phone on the floor gave out a tone.
The man stirred, and stood up.
The girl felt a powerful presence behind her. He was there. She began casting spells again. The man smashed against one of the pillars. In a moment he was dead.
She felt the powerful presence disappear from behind her. She drew another tally mark on the pillar then dumped his body.
She picked up the phone again.
She walked off into the darkness of the abandoned tunnel again.




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