Here’s a very short story in somewhat of the style of Notes that I wrote while I was away. Hope you enjoy.


I was taking a shower. I looked down on the water-spattered floor and noticed a red-tinged section on the plastic bottom of the shower. A drop of red fell from my face and was quickly dispersed through the water and went down the drain. I coughed hard and a spatter of blood went on the off-white walls. My vision tinted red and I slumped partly to the floor. Slowly I turned my head and saw part of the wall sticking into my back. It looked as though the wall itself had stretched out to jab me. I turned my head back and coughed again, releasing a spray of blood. I felt the wall pull out of my skin, only to stretch out again, into my chest, this time from the front.

Another time, though my arm.

Through my neck.

Though my leg.

The last one jabbed through my eye and held.

In a moment, it too went back into the wall.

As I lay bleeding out into the water, the only words I spoke were thus: “Cherin…damn.”






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