So, you know that thing called xx12 that I made a little while ago? Well, the whole webcomic-y-thing was just an introduction.

I’m actually making a story about the xx12 universe. It has a fairly complex story, but is kinda simmering on the back burner, because I am working on Kyreth a lot (obviously) AND working on something that I’ve already kinda told you about. I’m completely renovating a story that I’ve already written and put on here, and I’ve worked out a lot more of the details and stuff so it should be pretty cool.

Y’know, I think I might let you all guess at which story it is.



One thought on “Updates

  1. […] So right now, I have four massive sagas mapped (almost entirely) out. (Kyreth, xx12, the one I just mentioned, and other one that I mentioned a little while back.) […]

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