Oklan, Chapter 7

Here’s the final chapter of Oklan!

Now at the end you may say something like, “Hey, isn’t this just the end of a chapter? Isn’t there going to be more?”

Well, yes and no. This is the end of Oklan, but I might write a Part 2 to the story sometime. I will, however, be writing some different stories in the Kyreth saga before then.

Anyways, here it is!



Chapter 7


Oklan opened his eyes, though as he did so he didn’t believe he had survived the blast. He looked at his body. A large amount of it was blackened, though he could still feel in those areas and figured that it was merely soot of some sort. But a few areas on his arms were bright red and stung. He struggled to sit up.

As soon as he had propped himself up against a piece of stone that must have fallen in the explosion, he felt the earth shudder. A wave of terror went over him as he feared that he had started an earthquake of some sort. Then the vibrations came into the air and he realized it wasn’t an earthquake – it was laughter. A few flames still hovered in the air. A shadow grew behind them. An arm reached out from the darkness and scattered the flames.

Vrezhen walked through the remaining flames. His clothes were slightly singed, but was otherwise unharmed. His head was bent back in laughter. He raised his hands and clapped slowly.

“A good attempt, to be sure. Actually caught me off guard there for a moment. Unfortunately, I must depart after gathering a few last things. I see you will have a few scars to remember me by.”

Oklan focused his powers once more in a desperate last attack. He used the same attack as before, yet didn’t summon water. He tried using the water from inside Vrezhen’s body.

Fire burst from Vrezhen’s chest. He let out a scream of pain, then dropped to one knee and drew a small mark on the floor while casting a spell. He vanished in a black flame that leaped up from the floor.

Oklan slumped back against the rock. He fell into darkness.

It was close to an hour before anyone came to see what had happened. The man who made his way into the battle-wrecked chamber was Jeorle.

He rushed over to Oklan. He lifted Oklan’s head and whispered a quiet spell. He traced a small circular symbol on Oklan’s forehead.

Oklan’s eyes fluttered open.

“Rest, son. You have done well, though he is not gone. Gone from this planet, yes. But from the universe, no. But what you have done is something powerful, something even I wasn’t sure you could do. And you have been paid well for your efforts. There!” Jeorle said, pointing to a small circular object in the throne.

Jeorle helped Oklan to his feet and supported him in the walk to the throne. Oklan reached out and took the circle and examined it.

It was a stone circle that looked as though it had been smoothed my much use. The center of it was engraved with a small rune.

Oklan looked inquisitively up at Jeorle.

Jeorle gave Oklan an aged smile.

“That is one of the twelve Qerwan. The stars have not told me much of them other than the name and the power of this one. It is Hezken, the Protector. Tie it around your neck or someplace and it will protect you, to a point. Use it wisely, Oklan. There are many who would kill, or worse, for this. For this is the only like it in the universe. You have earned it.”

Oklan tucked it carefully into a pocket in his clothes.

“There is something that the elders have decided to show you. Come with me.”

He supported Oklan as they made the long way back to the great hall. Henix, Uibel, and Grethe were waiting in there for him, along with a young woman. She instructed Oklan to sit on one of the chairs while she looked over his injuries. She put a salve on his burns and wrapped them in a clean linen cloth while the elders looked on. She cleaned Oklan up, wiping away the soot, and in a few minutes he looked and felt better. A man came up and gave Oklan some simple food from a tray.

The elders, Jeorle, and Oklan walked out the entrance that he had come through the first day, Uibel supporting him on one side and Jeorle supporting the other. They walked through the refreshing waterfall into the bright sunlight outside. Oklan squinted his eyes at the sudden change and eventually they adjusted to the new light.

They walked a few hundred feet to the right and went up a slight hill. They went again into the mountain, a small side entrance. This led into a chamber. Inside was a massive machine.

“This is a ship for traveling outside this planet. A man, Kbeth, gave it to us many years ago. We like our life here, so we didn’t use it,” Henix said.

The ship looked so out of place in the comparatively primitive cave that Oklan didn’t know what to say. He merely turned to Uibel, speechless.

“We want you to have it, to find that man and kill him.”

Oklan pulled himself away from the men holding him and made his way to the metal hull of the ship. He found a button near a panel on the side of the ship and pushed it.

With a pneumatic hiss the panel lowered down. The lights inside flickered on. Oklan stepped into the vessel and turned to the elders and Jeorle.

“Thank you so much for these few days.”

Henix stepped forward. “We are the ones who should be thanking you. You have begun the removal of the shadow over our island that has plagued us for years.”

Without another word, Oklan turned and continued into the ship. The panel lifted itself closed with another hiss.

Oklan made his way to what seemed to be the front of the vessel, where were two empty chairs. An automated voice greeted him.

“Welcome, Kyreth Oklan. Your scheduled flight is ready. To begin, press the button to ignite the engines.”

Wondering how the machine knew his name, and where the ‘scheduled flight’ came from, Oklan settled himself into one of the chairs and pressed the button.


* * *


Jeorle and the elders walked out of the cave. In a moment the ship hovered out of the entrance and started its ascent into the skies.

As Jeorle watched it break through the atmosphere, he wondered to himself if Oklan was nearing the end of his story, or if he had just begun it.



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