Oklan, Chapter 5

Well, I actually came up with a plan for the rest of this story, so this *cough cough actually the next chapter cough cough* is the chapter where it really gets going. Hope you enjoy.


Chapter 5

Oklan had to get up several times during the night and open the panel for the light to check the time, as there was not even the slightest amount of light in the room at any time. The last time he checked it it was halfway in-between the seven and the eight o’clock markings. He deemed it time to get up. He searched around for something to open the door, and found a lever similar to the one outside and pulled it. His hand still on the wooden handle of the lever, he felt a thunkof some internal mechanism releasing. The door opened.

He walked through, pulling the outside lever as he went. The door closed and he walked in the direction he thought was towards the great hall. While he walked, he met a man who was coming out of his room as well.

“Hello there,” Oklan said.

“Hello! You must be the water-master that they brought in last night! I am Trephu.”

“Could you tell me the direction to the great hall?”

“Yes. Over there,” he said, pointing. “I guess it is about time for breakfast, isn’t it. Would you like to walk there together?”

Oklan found this man welcoming, so he said yes. As they walked the few hundred feet to the great hall, Oklan told Trephu briefly of what they he and the elders had spoken about the night before.

“You should talk with Jeole. He is our astrologer. He lives in the top of the mountain. Ask anyone when you want to go, they can show you how to get there.”

Oklan thought he didn’t have anything more to say, but remembered a question that had been nagging at him since the night before.

“Is there a way to make the light dimmer in the room other than just blocking it out completely?”

Trephu burst into laughter. “You put down the stone?” he said incredulously.

“Yes…” Oklan hesitated.

Trephu laughed again. “Put in the slider from the side. That puts mica in front of it, which just merely dims the light. Nobody really uses the rock slide.”

“Ah, here we are.”

They came back into the great hall. The tables had been filled with food yet again, and already many people were in there. All eyes were on Oklan as he walked into the room.

He calmly took the same seat as he had the night before. After Uibel gave them permission, he and all the others ate.




After they had finished eating, most of the people went away again. Oklan caught the attention of Uibel and walked over to him.

“A man, Trephu, told me this morning about someone named Jeole. I was wondering if you could show me where he lives.”

Together they walked out through another exit from the hall into a tunnel that sloped upwards slightly. As they walked, Uibel spoke.

“Last night the elders and I decided to do nothing about your future.”

“What?” Oklan asked incredulously.

“We are still worried about what may and will happen, but have concluded to not interfere. Your destiny will unfold without us doing anything. And I think it has already begun. I believe Jeole will help you decide what to do. Here we are,” he said, stopping in front of a wooden door, the first Oklan had seen since he came into the cavern.

“Thank you, Uibel,” Oklan said, opening the door. He stepped through and began to close it. The last thing he saw was a strangely foreboding look on Uibel’s face. The wooden door crashed shut against the stone.

The area Oklan was in was immensly different than the one he had just come from. There was a rickety wooden staircase spiraling up further than he could see. He started climbing.

The lower levels of the staircase were lit by torches similar to the ones he had seen before. But as he got higher and higher up, he noticed the number of them decreasing, though the level of light stayed about the same. Oklan realized that it was sunlight.

Eventually the staircase opened up into a small room that was full of sunlight. Not a torch was to be seen. The room had stone walls that were covered in markings and manuscripts, a small bed, and a strange metal instrument that was looking out of one of the five openings in the wall from which the light came in. It wasn’t until a few moments that Oklan noticed the man standing in the room. He turned to face Oklan.

“Greetings, Kyreth Oklan. I have been waiting for you.”




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