Oklan, Chapter 3

I’ve been writing like crazy at this story, though I probably won’t get another chapter out until Friday.


Chapter 3

In his dream he was summoning water into a sphere, larger than any he had made before. But he didn’t summon the water into his hands to make the sphere. He summoned the water straight into the air.

He awoke, and was surprised to see the same sphere of water hovering above him. Still focusing on the water, he brushed his hands on the bare skin of his arms. They were dry. He must have accidentally summoned the water in the same way as in the dream while still having the dream.

He channeled the water to his mouth and drank; he was thirsty from not having drank since the day before. The he focused all his powers on summoning water directly into the air in front of him. It slowly appeared, and he shaped it into a sphere again. When he thought he had enough, he looked around in the trees above for any food.

Success. He found a date tree and sent a dagger of pressurized water at it, slicing down a clump of the luscious fruit.

He let control of the water go, took the fruit, and sat down. He took the pits out and ate the flesh. It was the sweetest thing he remembered eating. Of course, it was one of the only things he remembered eating.


He was finishing the final piece of fruit when he heard a growling coming from outside his clearing. In a flash, a large cat burst through the vines and undergrowth, its teeth bared.

Instead of being terrified, Oklan fell into a dream-like state. It felt to him as though he saw everything slightly slower than it should have been. Barely knowing what he was doing, he summoned a massive wave to come crashing down on the animal. The cold water startled it for a moment, but in a moment it had shaken itself off and was heading toward Oklan yet again.

He summoned wave after wave to douse the feline and eventually it skulked away, dripping and drenched to the skin.

Oklan sliced down a few more dates for the day before heading out north-west.


For about half of the day he had been assailed by the sun’s sweltering rays. Even though the leaves and branches of the trees high above protected him some, enough sunlight still made its way down to beat upon him. Around noon, though, the sky darkened into welcoming shade.

Or not very welcoming after all,Oklan thought as he looked up. It wasn’t merely a cloud that had drifted in the path of the sun, it was a cloud heavy laden with rain, so dark it was almost black.

Oklan trekked on, hoping the rain-cloud would pass before it started. Unfortunately, it didn’t. The sky broke open and rain began to pelt down. The leaves of the trees above didn’t seem to shield him in the slightest.

In a few moments Oklan was soaked. Then he remembered and thought of the extent of his powers. He decided to try what he was thinking. If it didn’t work, he wouldn’t be any worse off.

He focused on the rain as well as the source of the rain. Using his powers, he suspended in mid-air all of the drops, then, with a burst of willpower, he threw them all away from himself. Now, before any more rain could come down, he focused on the minuscule water droplets that made up the cloud. He pushed it on its way, across the island where it could rain without bothering him.

After doing all of this, Oklan felt rather proud of himself. He pulled the water out from his clothes and walked on.

He walked for close to an hour before breaking into another clearing of the trees. As he stepped through, though, he saw a rustle of leaves on the opposite side. Dearly hoping that this was a native of the island and not merely another cat or some other wild animal, he charged after it.

He pushed through the vines and branches on the other side of the clearing and quickly looked around for whoever it had been.

The area he was in wasn’t cleared out, but the growth was sparse enough that he was able to see for a good distance. No one was there.

Must’ve just been an animal, Oklan thought as he shrugged and continued on his way. He walked for another hour before taking a break in front of a waterfall. The water fell around 50 feet into a pool below. The sound of the water was calming to his mind as the soft moss below him was calming to his body. He looked at the pool and the way the waterfall created waves all the way out to the edge of the pool. The ever-changing rhythm of the splashing lulled him into a trance-like state.

He was broken abruptly out of his reverie when a figure walked out from what could only be a cave behind the falls, through the water, and into the pool. Oklan stood up, not sure what to do. The figure, who was a man wrapped in a worn-looking piece of cloth, looked up at Oklan and spoke.

“Welcome, water-master.”


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