Here is a random piece I wrote the other day. Technically speaking, I started it a few months ago, but I was just writing it to my friend to explain why I was going away.

I saved it, then wrote more on it yesterday. Hope you enjoy!


My body convulsed as the hilarity of the situation hit me; soon enough I was down on my knees, doubled over. I laughed too hard and blood splattered on the floor. I looked up a the man standing above me, glaring at me menacingly. He didn’t get what was funny. The sight of him threw me down, cackling in laughter. Once I had recovered somewhat, I stood and faced him, wiping my eyes as I did so.

 “You need to take me away now?”

I glanced down at the puddle of blood below me. It was growing. I ran my arm across my mouth and pulled it away. Blood was dripping off of it.

I spat out as much blood as I could manage and spoke to him again.


To Jeorel. They say that they could…help you there.”

I couldn’t help myself. I laughed again and the blood flowed out of me onto the ground below. I laughed until I was out of breath and had dry heaves. The man still stood there, glaring.

Help me? You think anything you do could help me?” I laughed once more before holding out both arms with my wrists limp. “Take me! Take me away!” I grinned and could imagine just how the blood stained my teeth.

The man hesitated before pulling out a pair of handcuffs.

You won’t need those,” I told him. “I’ll play nice.”

He put the handcuffs away and grabbed me by the shoulder, leading me away.

Why, then, did you hold out your wrists?” he asked me.

For fun.”


I grinned a wild grin at him and he turned away.



You can download it here:


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