U.N.S. Element Chapter 12 (Day 305)

Here is basically the climax of the U.N.S. Element, Day 305:

Day 305

Apparently researching the murders has payed off – the captain came to my bunk today and told me that I had been entitled “Chief Detective”, and that I now had access to any security footage I wanted. By that time, the bruise on my head was quite large, and I wondered what had happened. I decided that “work” didn’t apply to my snooping around, so I went to the hospital and asked for the footage from my operating room. I was shocked with what I saw.

The first few minutes were rather boring, they cleaning my wound and bandaging it. But when they started cutting around my foot, I sat up and gripped the neck of one of the doctors. I threw him across the room. The doctor with the scalpel who had been cutting the symbol off my foot backed away, assuring me all was fine and telling me to get back onto the bed. I grabbed the scalpel out of his hand and sliced across his chest. He backed to the wall and pressed a button there. In a few seconds, three guards rushed in. Two of them held me down to the bed while the other pulled a syringe out of his belt. I head-butted one of the guards holding me and he fell back. The third guard rushed to my side, pulled me down, and plunged the syringe into my neck and emptied it into my bloodstream. I fell limp onto the bed. The doctor I had cut was taken away, and another one came by my side and finished cutting the symbol off of my foot. He bandaged it and left me to sleep. Later on some janitors came in and cleaned up the mess from the fight..

I am stunned.


-Andrew H.


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