U.N.S. Element Chapter 11 (Day 304)

Here is the 304th day on board the U.N.S. Element:

Day 304

When I woke up last morning, I was terrified to find the beginnings of a mark on my left hand.

I knew plenty well what that meant.

I didn’t want to end up a corpse floating in deep space, so I tried something I hadn’t seen before; I cut the symbol off of my hand. The terror numbed the pain for a while, but it bled so badly I had to check myself into the ship’s hospital. They patched me up fairly well. Right now that hand is wrapped tightly in a bandage, along with a small section on my foot. Before I had gone under, I told them the reason I cut some off of my hand. They seemed to sympathize with why I did it, and told me they would check me over completely for any more. They found the beginnings of one on my foot.

This morning they let me out of the infirmary with the instructions not to go to work for several weeks. I took a shower and got dressed, but when I looked in the mirror, I noticed a large bruise blossoming on my forehead. Not sure about the origins of that.


-Andrew H.


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