The Academe

Here is a story I started a [really long] while ago, but haven’t done much with. I may or may not finish it.


My name is Henrich. At least it was. Or would have been. In a mont, I would be given a new name, Opirian First-Chem. The reason? I was starting my first year at the Chemistry Academe. This had been started when the scientists at Donven University realized the importance and new uses of chemistry. Fortunatus, leader of a bio-chemical project named Gingeratis, was appointed head-chemist. My now will start my tale from the beginning.




Henrich bounded up the hall in a panic.

“Mother, where is my vial of…fenulth…”

“Phenolphthalein, dear. It is used to distinguish between acids and bases. Remember, as I said before and say again, correct knowledge and pronunciation is vital in chemistry. I already packed it.”

“Thank you, mother.”

She smiled as she stroked his untidy hair. Henrich was going to be one of the youngest students in history at the Academe. He had been so eager. He had begged his mother and father to request a Kareta, something that let him go in at the age of fifteen instead of the usual eighteen. He wouldn’t have been able to wait the extra three years. He had already been unofficially experimenting with what chemicals he could scrounge up from around the house.




He crossed off another box.

“August 22nd…”

He frowned.

“Nine more days…”

He had been counting down the days until he would leave for the Academe. He had long ago finished packing, and, since he didn’t have any school to do, he was going stircrazy.




It was finally the day! He had awoken at five o’clock, gotten dressed, packed his bags, and gotten into the car. His parents drove him down to the school, a large, grey, plain looking building out on the countryside. It was about nine o’clock by the time they got there. Henrich kissed his mother and father goodbye before opening the trunk of the car and lifting out his suitcases. He waved as they drove back down the dirt road. He picked up his suitcases and started walking towards the Academe.  Once he made his way up the steep stone stairs, he set down his suitcases and knocked on the door. He waited for several minutes, but, after nothing happened, he decided to knock again. He had raised his hand when someone started pulling the doors open from the inside. He stepped inside into a well-lit hallway. The person who had opened the door scurried away. He looked ahead and saw a well-dressed man walking towards me. His hair was a sandy color, and he took long strides towards Henrich. As soon as he got close, he held out a hand. Henrich took it and he shook his vigorously.

“Good to see you…” He plunged a hand into his vest and pulled out a piece of paper. “Henrich, right? Lets see here.” He ran a finger horizontally across the paper. “Opirian First-Chem.” He stuffed the paper back into his vest and looked squarely at Henrich. “That’s what you will be called while you are here. Anyway, just drop your suitcases here. The helpers will get them and carry them to your room. Terms start in three days. In the meantime, you will be shown around the building and get to know your dorm-mates.”



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