Deathsleep 2

Here is some more of Deathsleep. I have gotten inspired with the scenery and history of this world recently, so I was working on that quite a bit here. Oh, and I gave you two of the previous sentences so you have a reference point:


After walking a few minutes, he found the path he was looking for. A long straight path that lead through the densest of the jungle into a clearing. He had never been to the clearing, but there was a reason for that. There was a guard standing in the path before the clearing. The guard wouldn’t let anyone pass who hadn’t conquered him in a battle. Ioak had been waiting until he didn’t have any major injuries to attempt beating him.


For some reason, the Deathsleep wouldn’t come during the night. It seemed that sleeping was skipped in the countdown. Still, he didn’t have much time. He decided to jog there.

Though he was jogging, he didn’t want to focus on the running. Instead he looked at his surroundings.

The jungle he lived in was amazing. As far as he knew, the world was composed of two parts: the jungle and the desert. Though it may merely be that the jungle was a massive oasis in the middle of the desert. He had never seen an ocean, even during his time serving in the Eth war. It was possible that there was an ocean somewhere, but, wherever it was, it made no difference here. Ioak wasn’t sure where the water that kept the jungle alive came from, as it was surrounded by desert.

However it worked, it was just the way it was. And he was glad for it. Peace had come, after the war, after the government was destroyed, after almost the entire population of Fhue was killed. And it was a peace they deserved. The people of the planet had gone through many trials during the war and those who had survived spread out across the entire planet. Those who lived in the jungle typically lived apart, just a family in a hut, distanced by upwards of hundreds of miles from the next family.

But those in the desert worked together, living together in small communities centered around a oasis, no matter what size it was. They needed to work together throughout their dusty lives.

Ioak looked to the sides of the path he was running on.

It was thick forest to the right, but on the left there was a very deep drop-off. The valley that it led to was still filled with fog, even this late in the morning. The fog in there never seemed to go away. Coming up out of the fog were naturally formed tall pillars of stone. Some of them rose three or more hundred feet into the air over the valley. They had been there for ages beyond ages. They were eternal, and were called the Uikal Towers. They had had some religious meaning in an ancient culture, now long gone.

“Like all the other cultures,” Ioak said to himself sadly. He felt even sadder knowing that he had played a part in the decimation of the world’s population.


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