This is a story that I thought I was done with. While writing it, I wasn’t quite sure what it was or what it would be. I finished it, put it away, and somewhat forgot about it.

But then recently I had the urge to write more of it.

Here is the first part:

“Let’s watch another!” Desk’s mother said to him. After saying so, she popped in a cassette. A younger, shorter Desk was running around outside, where he had spent most of his childhood. Desk’s mother had been enjoying “going over memories”. Desk enjoyed most of it. But he was a bit tired by this time. The screen flickered, nothing special, seeing how old the cassettes were. It flickered again a few moments later.

“Arrgh. These tapes. We should really move them over to a disc before they completely die.” his mother said.

It flickered again, making a popping sound. He was about to try “shocking” it; fast forwarding it for a second, then rewinding without stopping it, then fast forward, stop, and play. He usually did that to try and get the quality better. He wasn’t sure if it worked or not, but he did it anyway. But he was stopped before he could. The tape flickered, popped, and a voice, definitely not one from the video, called out to him. It flickered again and there he was again, playing with toys in the living room.

“Did you see that?”

His mom looked at him funny saying, “Well, yes, that is what you looked like.”

Desk turned back to the video. It flickered again, the voice came on, combined with a face. It called to him again, but didn’t go away. In fact, it increased in quality.

“Desk. We need you. Come right away. Kjzkakling counts on it.” The audio and video both gave out again after crackling a bit more.

Desk turned to his mother again and said, “You really didn’t see that?”

His mother stopped the video and spoke. “Something other than the video of you? No.”


You can download it here:


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