Desk, Pt 2

Here is my recently-written continuation of Desk. I still have no idea where the story is going, though it seems to have something to do with analog media.


Desk was turning on a radio program. It wasn’t on the radio, though; he had a taped recording of it that he had bought a few days ago. It was a dramatization serial that was of a book called The Dark Way. He had heard good things about it, and he hoped it would be good, as he had spent $50 on it. He put the first tape into the player and pressed play.

It began with a short musical piece, a triumphant theme. A narrator then came on and started the story. At dialogue sections different actors came on and spoke. Sound effects played at the correct times and it sounded quite good all around. Desk felt as though he was in the story it was so immersive. But he was pulled out of his reverie by a voice he hadn’t heard yet in the story. He tried to relax again, saying to himself that it was just another character, but he had the odd feeling that he had heard this voice before.

And it was calling out to him.

“We need you! We……” The voice faded.

Desk, irritated and slightly fearful, went over to the tape player. He pressed eject, looked at the tape, blew on it (though he knew deep-down that was a bad idea), and put it back in. He pressed play, and the story kept going on without any other voices.

In ten or so minutes, the voice came on again.

“…You must help us, Desk. You are the only one…”

The voice faded again.

For the rest of the time Desk listened to the book, the voice never came on again.


You can download it here:



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