Here is a thing I wrote about the Ailura. It gives a bit more info on their history and culture.

The Ailura are a race of half-men, half-elves that live on the open water. They live in rafts and may spend their entire lives without seeing land. The only times they go to land is once a year when 12 men of each of the communities takes their raft to a certain desert port called Inshak. There they trade for (with fish and other things) some wood, metal, and other things that can’t be found on the Unending Expanse (a large ocean on which the Ailura float). They stay on the land for 3 days before returning. Typically the men will also buy trinkets and such for their family members. The Ailura were created around 3000 years ago when a peace treaty between the Elves and the Men was sealed with a marriage between the prince of Men and the princess of Elves. During a time of trial, they escaped to the Unending Expanse with close friends of theirs. They stayed out on the water long enough that they gave birth while there. After learning that the situation had just gotten worse while they were gone, they stayed out. After living out on the ocean their entire lives, the children (after their parents had died) knew nothing else. So they stayed out.


You can download it here:



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