U.N.S. Element Day 302 (Chapter 10)

Here is Day 302 of the U.N.S. Element.

Day 302

The girl is missing, a bad sign. Apparently I have taken a bit of a personal interest in this whole problem; most people are trying to ignore it all while they go about their business. I went to talk to some of my buddies about it, but they got really paranoid and looked around before hushing me. I went to the facility where they had held the girl and asked around until I found the security tapes for last night. I watched them, the reason I am writing this so late at night; I can’t get to sleep. The girl was laying on the cot, sleeping. A sudden spasm hit her and she flailed around a bit, however she didn’t wake. She turned over and lay still for several minutes before seizing up again, her back tense. As she wasn’t facing me, I wasn’t able to see all that happened. I will relate, with trembling hand, what I could see, though. A spray of blood splashed onto the wall that she was facing. Her back hunched over even more. She let out a cry:

It’s inside and it wants to get out!

before suddenly arching her back backwards. I heard a crack of bones and realized she had bent her back so far that it broke. Her arms shot up and her fingers contorted as she was withholding pain. Another spray of blood, and she relaxed. She sat up straighter and turned around slightly. I saw cracks in her skin that blood was oozing out from. She turned her head more towards the camera, as far as her neck would allow. After a brief pause, she continued turning her head. I heard a few more crunches of breaking bones before she was through. I saw that almost all of the skin on the other side of her face was missing and blood was pouring out from the opening. She stared intently at the camera and the lights shut off for a fraction of a second. I heard a quick movement and when they came back on, she was directly in front of the camera, with the marks all over her body. There was also the three slashes on her head and the cut symbols on her wrists. The lights flickered again, just for about two seconds this time, and when I could see again, she was still standing there. But she was whole again. Or mostly. She still had the three slashes, the symbols, and the marks. But the skin on her face was there again and she wasn’t bleeding. I did see a lot more blood on the floor than there had been before, though. The lights flickered again, an even shorter time, and she was gone. Nowhere in the entire room.

Hoping I can get to sleep,

-Andrew H.


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