The Element Stones Prologue

Here is the Prologue for The Element Stones:

Prologue for The Element Stones


In the second month of the year 709, an alliance was formed between dwarves and the elves.  It wasn’t to last, though, because the evil wizard Ulmar deceived them both into thinking that the other was meaning to thwart their plans.  Their plan had been to delve deeper into the earth and forest than they had ever before, searching out the legendary Stones of the Elements.  The dwarves had been aghast at what they thought was treachery from the elves, and the elves thought likewise toward the dwarves.  The two respective kings of the two tribes together had set out a rigid protocol that showed the specific parts of land and caves that were to be explored, and when.  Both tribes thought the other had broken this protocol.

The Renegade

This started a near hundred years of hatred between the two tribes.  But then the Second Great War came, a revolt against one of Ulmar’s minions, Kazar.  He had been tried according to the Multitude Consititution (an impeccable document written by the Five Tribes, the Elves, the Dwarves, the Men, the Marules (or Stone Movers), and the Ailura (a mix of Elves and Men that lives on the Unending Expanse, the sea going from the east of the land out forever (or so they thought).  In the end, however, he decided to abscond from the arrest.  Several groups of soldiers went out from a mandate of the king.  It seemed that he had took on the guise of a sailor, bought a boat and crew sailed to an island thought to be cursed by the Ailura (and a few superstitious Men).  When others tried to land on the island, he perplexed them with tricks and pitfalls of the island, supplimented with his magic powers.  Occasionally when a ship came near, he would create a maelstrom to sink boat and crew.

The Kanjar

So things went for several years.  And with the years came the building anger at how REPUGNANT Kazar was getting.  Even his allies started to resent him.  His throne was littered with half-eaten food he had conjured up using his powers.  He was not METICULOUS in the least.  It got so bad that some of his guards and such that he had around the island decided to leave.  Unfortunately, Kazar discovered the plan and created a deadly storm for them.  And so began the Gamcu War (so named because the main battle was fought in Gamcu fields).  And so began another time that the Elves and Dwarves would have to work together for a common good.  It is during this time that the story you are about to hear happens.  The story will be centered on a young Ailura man watching everything with the war happening around him.


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