The Element Stones Chapter 2

Here is Chapter 2 of the Element Stones:

Chapter 2


The PROGNOSTICATION for the weather the next day was stormy. Stormy days on the sea were never fun, though they only occurred SPORADICALLY. When it stormed, the sea was RIFE with waves, and the entire community stayed inside and strapped what they could down and out of the way. Renas was busy thinking up a STRATAGEM how he, alone, would be able to hold everything down.




After a SPATE of wind and rain, it all stopped. Renas went outside to look around and the sea looked VAPID. Nothing moved all around. Renas was relieved that he was PRESCIENT enough to have strapped down the few things he had out on the porch. Across the sea a bit he saw someone fishing out a chair from the ocean. Then Renas went to see how much damage the storm had done on his usually STALWART house. Other than a SURFEIT of water everywhere, only few shingles had blown off. That would be easy enough to fix.




He went into the house and rummaged around until he found a few extra shingles. He got hammer and nails and re-shingled the roof as best he could.




His first few days of being an adult were pretty good. He got a job at a rather PRAGMATIC millinery. There wasn’t much time to be GRANDIOUS in clothing options out on the sea. Most people wore rugged clothing that would last for ten or so years. Silk and other fancy things were scoffed at in the Ailura. That isn’t to say that people were IMPOVERISHED. There were a few rich families, most of which were somewhat PREEMINENT. Each of them owned one or two sets of elegant clothing that they wore POMPOUSLY to certain ceremonies. The common folk at the ceremonies would snigger behind their hands when the wealthy families would walk by. The wealthy merely thought that they were jealous. However, even the richest of the families wore rugged clothing most of the time, as it was necessary for living on the sea.

Bad News


But then a problem arose. The most unexpected problem.




“War!? But….there’s never war!” Renas was in shock. Cheln had tied his raft next to Renas’ on the fifth day of Renas’ adulthood.

“News just got to us yesterday. Since then I have been notifying everyone. Quite a bit of them have been CANTANKEROUS about the whole ordeal.” Something in his voice also said, I certainly hope you won’t be. 

Although he wasn’t happy about it, Renas had decided to not be DISPUTATIOUS.

Cheln handed a piece of paper to Renas. He took it and read.


You have been summoned by the Court of the Five Races to serve in the war against Kazar. Come with all BREVITY possible to the Uner’le in Thero. There you will be assigned your rank and company.


When Renas looked up again, there was pity in Cheln’s eyes.

“I am truly sorry you have to do this, Renas. I won’t PREVARICATE on the matter. It is quite possible that you will die in combat. Almost certain, in fact. I am glad you have taken it so well.” He made himself ready to go. “Now I have to go tell other people. And I have to brace myself for IMPUDENT replies.”

He walked off of Renas’ raft onto his and untied it. He waved as the raft floated away.


Final Preparations


Renas took a deep breath before sitting down in a chair. He let out his breath. He had been utterly STUPEFIED by Cheln. He sat in his chair for a long moment, taking deep breaths. He felt as though he been bit by a BARRACUDA. Indeed, he wished he had been, so that he could be counted as “inadequate” so that he wouldn’t have to go to war.

He let out a sigh. But it was no use wishing and hoping. He suddenly felt very dehydrated and got up to get a drink of water.

He had to go. It was law. The thought of just not going had come into his mind, but only for a second. He would rather go into war than have whatever consequences followed from not going to Uner’le.

Renas walked out of his house onto the deck of the raft. The Vanil’s raft was floating by at the time and he called out to Inran.

“Hello Inran! Are you going to Uner’le for the war?”

He shook his head. “Too old. Besides, I fought in a war when I was around your age, and they don’t usually make men serve in two wars.” He smiled at Renas. “I know how you are feeling right now. Hey! You won’t need to set out for another day or so, so why don’t we CAROUSE while you are still here?” Inran didn’t say it, but Renas understood as well, ‘Because who knows if you will come back.’

Renas nodded, and his spirit lifted slightly. “I can contact some of my friends. So long as,” Renas gave Inran a knowing look, “you make some bread for the party.”

Inran laughed. “Will do.”




And so it went. That night they had a very SECULAR party filled with food, friends, and fun. Partway into the night Inran handed Renas a leather bound book, saying, “This is for you to CHRONICLE your time in the army, so you can tell us all about it when you get back.”

Inran took it gratefully before going to bed, anxious about what the next day would bring.


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