Gates is a story that will probably not be finished. It’s kinda cool though. Inter-dimensional travel and stuff.

The torrential rain stopped just long enough for him to get a good view out the window.  A second later, however, and the downpour started again, as well as the window fogged up.

“So then it is true.  We have gotten there.”

“Yes, we have.  And the only way to get back is to get…”  He started.

“…The Crystal of Dimitry.  I know, I know.”  The other ended.

They were headed back to the apartment.  Though this apartment was the one they were renting, it could quite possibly be different than what they were used to.  And they were aware of that fact.  The “there” that Trekar was referring to was the Dimension 7U, which had been previously closed down because of a few…potent locals that had been living there.  The gate to it had been shut by the government.  Only the government could open it again, or that is what they liked to think.  However, Trekar and Herdric were rather skilled in getting into places they weren’t to be.






Mazir, as he was called in that land, was waiting.  Waiting for the crystal.  And he knew that those two in the carriage in the street below him were going to get it for him, even if they didn’t know it themselves.






Trekar headed into the mudroom of the apartment that he and Herdric were renting.  He took off his boots and overcoat, and hung up the latter of the two.  Trekar was relieved that the apartment was much the same, only a different paint color and furniture.  Herdric was in the main room, half talking to himself, half to Trekar.

“The texts say that it is in a small lockbox on the second floor of the Winchester building.”

“Hah!  ‘Texts’?  More like urban legends.  However, it is the only lead we have.”

“And that’s better than nothing, right, little brother?”

Yes, it was true.  Trekar was the younger brother of Herdric, son of Gertra.


“Anyway, I was thinking of getting up early to do some planning for the ‘heist’.” Herdric said this with excitement.  “So if I wake you up, well…too bad.”

Yup, there’s that sympathy Herdric always had for his brother.

“Sounds fine.  In fact, I actually may be getting up before you.  I was thinking of going for a walk in the park.  It helps me relax.”

“So long as you don’t wake me up!”








The rain continued coming down.  The rain seemed to never stop coming down.  A retch, a groan.  Trekar was in a building that held over 100 sick people.  There seemed to be an over-abundance of people that were sick at any given time.  Rain and sickness, the two things that never stopped here.  The man that Trekar had been forced into helping had finally fallen asleep, only because of the drugs that he had been given, but he was asleep.  Trekar was in a small room with the man, only big enough for a bed and a small table, along with walking space.  But only a little.  The room had whitewashed walls, with a window with one pane and no pictures.  Trekar had originally gone to this sickhouse to talk to the head of doctors there.  He had a question for him.  Apparently he was one of the few people living here that knew of dimensions.  This doctor seemed to know of a key that could help them get to the crystal.  This crystal was something that could help the health of people in all dimensions.  That was only the beginning of its power, but beyond that things got dangerous.  Theoretically, at the limit of its power, the crystal could be used to fuse 2 or more dimensions together.  This was extremely dangerous, because if there was a conflict between the dimensions, then the thing in question would disappear.  And seeing that there were many differences between dimensions, most of the world would be in void.



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