U.N.S. Element Day 300 (Chapter 8)

Here is Day 300 of the U.N.S. Element:


Day 300

We were planning to have a party on the 300th day, but after what happened at the last party, no one feels drawn to one.  The girl has gotten better, though will definitely be bothered by it for the rest of her life.  She has told us bits and pieces of what happened that night, but she usually only gets out a few sentences before bursting into tears again and crying out to the therapist “Help me, it is inside and it will consume till there is nothing left.  You must kill me before it finishes its meal of me!”.  So far she has told us that several men who had either found or seen the bodies disappeared for a while and came back very different.  They came back, covered in blood and symbols, similar to those found on the others, yet there were others in addition to those seen before.  The historian has found an ancient document that translates some of them, at least into their original language.  From the girl’s description, it seems that the symbols on the men said “Zaanu rakari Lemana torok shenarik wethar xar”.  It seems to be some type of an pre-terra language.

Andrew H.


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