U.N.S. Element Day 298 (Chapter 6)

Here is Day 298 of the U.N.S. Element:


Day 298

Yes, there was a party, and what a party it was!  That is why I didn’t write yesterday, I was out till 3:30, just got a little work done, then dropped back to bed.  I think that is how the day went for most of the crew.  But the slaughter that awaited us when we woke up today was unbearable.  10 more crew dead or missing (probably the same fate as the first man).  Most of them had witnessed one of the previous bodies.  The problem, though, is the fact that none of us remember what happened!  The party was wild, with unlimited alcosludge for all.  But the slaughter!  Blood trails were all over most of the halls, the bodies were strewn about, and hacked-off pieces of the bodies were all over.  Hoping this is just a dream, rather, a nightmare.

-Andrew H.


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