U.N.S. Element Day 296 (Chapter 5)

Here is Day 296 of the U.N.S. Element:


Day 296

Remember that crew member who was never found, the one who saw the body of the convict?  Well, he was found in a way.  They haven’t actually found him, but they found something he did.  An old storage room was opened (for cleaning, I assume).  And cleaning it needed.  There on the floor next to the wall lay the body of another crew member.  Or what was left, anyway.  There was a blood trail, and his guts had been pulled out (pre-mortem, the mortician said).  On his face there were the gashes, and on his wrists the same symbol.  Now that we had seen the symbol twice, a historian onboard decided it probably wasn’t a coincidence and that it was worth looking into.  Afterwards he wished he hadn’t.  The symbol was one of the signs found on a crater that landed on earth a few years ago.  By a month after it landed, everyone in the town had died, either by suicide, murder, or supposed “accident”.  The whole incident was covered up surprisingly well by the U.N.  Something else, though.  This happened to 2 men on board U.N.S. 7 (Justra) before they turned back.

On a brighter note (maybe), we should be breaking the record for distance into deep-space tomorrow!  There is supposed to be a huge party for it.  Maybe that’s why our rations have been smaller recently.

-Andrew H.


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