U.N.S. Element Day 293 (Chapter 3)

Here is Day 293 of U.N.S. Element:


Day 293

Don’t judge.  Yesterday was very busy, and by the time I made my way back to my room (shared with 7 other men), I was much too tired to update here.  For the majority of the day we were working on fixing a gas leak on floor 4 section K.  One of the crew (one who had been acting increasingly sporadic and violent) had taken to the pipes with a sledgehammer.  He was hunted down, captured, and put in a secure cell.  At least, they thought it was secure.  This morning, when one of the guards went to his cell to feed him, it was empty.  A few minutes later one of the crew looked out a window on the stern next to the airlocks used for going outside.  He saw the man’s body slowly floating away.  But the concerning part was the markings on his body.  There were three deep gashes on his face along with two symbols cut into the flesh of his wrists.  The captain tried to cover the whole thing up, but rumors spread like fire in gasoline.  The crewmember who saw the man’s body first hasn’t been seen since.

-Andrew H.


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