U.N.S. Element Day 291 (Chapter 2)

Here is day 291 of U.N.S. Element:


Day 291

Haha!  I have been successful in updating here!  Yes, yes only for a day, but its a start!  Ah well.  I am glad that my morale is up at least.  Better than most around here.  This is but a small and censored excerpt of a normal conversation in the crew.

“…So I said to him, get off the [stinking] generator!”

A peal of laughter, heightened by the alcoholic sludge in their cups, rings out.  One man buckles over so much that he spills his drink on another man, who notices in a second.

“Wha?  What’s all this [stuff] on my arm?”  He grabs the offender. “You!  You did this, didn’t you?  You think spillin’ stuff on me is funny?  Well, let’s see how you like it!”  He grabs his cup of the liquid and splashes it in the other man’s face.  Now I must tell you that the alcohol they serve here is nothing pleasant to drink, much less get splashed into your face.  It made its way into his eyes, and he let out a shriek of pain.  He then wound up and punched the man in the face.  He, in turn, backed up in recoil, knocking into another man in the process.  You get to see the pattern.  Soon enough the entire tavern was in a fistfight.

-Andrew H.


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