U.N.S. Element Day 290 (First Chapter)

Here is the first chapter of U.N.S. Element, which starts on day 290:


Day 290:

I have decided to start a journal to record my thoughts.  So, let me start out semi-formally-

Andrew Harmway

Technical Consultant on the U.N.S (United Nations Ship) Element, a deep space exploring and collecting ship.

This is the 290th day of our exploration, and we are somewhere about 30 light years away from the record of a distance into deep space.  Let me give you a few years of the history preceeding our launch:

May 2093, the United Nations takes over all of the world’s governments, and the continents are renamed as such:

America:  Servii

South America: Aboris

Oceana:  Arenae

Asia:  Laboris

Europe: Superba

Africa: Calidus

Antartica: Frigidus


August 2099, the first U.N.S. is created, initially to serve in civil warfare.

July 2107, the 10th anniversary of the creation of the Angara (a mass produced soldier to fight in potential wars, though it may be noted that there have been no wars yet.) is celebrated.

January 2123, the first U.N.S. for the use of deep space exploration is created.  A week later, it is launched and achieves record speeds (.02 light years per hour).

September 2124, that same ship lands back on earth carrying several important scientific finds.

January 2125 – December 2127, 8 more U.N.S’s are launched.  The seventh of them achieves the record for deep-space travel.  Unfortuately, the majority of the crew goes insane.

Febuary 2130, the ship I am on is launched.


Now we are on the 290th day, and tensions are high.  We will break the record (or should) in about a week.  Knowing what happened to the last crew that went that far doesn’t help the morale.  I will try to update here daily, but who knows.

-Andrew H.


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