Behold, Virus, a story I wrote on vacation.

I infected them.  All of them.  This is the first thing I must admit.  The second is the issue of how.  Originally I had intended on simply planting a few cartridges of the virus in public places.  Then I grasped an even deeper goal.  I would infect them genetically.  For the first few years nothing would be apparent.  But then, Oh Then!, things would go out of control.  I started by putting a specialized version of the virus into the water supply.  It would attach itself to the reproductive organs of mankind, or at least in a general area.  It would, however, spread overtime.  Back to the point.  When a child was born, he would have several missing portions of his genetic structure, some of which were replaced by similar in structure, though completely alien in nature, structures.  These would get worse and worse (though not in the host’s lifetime.  It effects his reproductive organs, his child’s, and so on) until eventually the entire human race was of one mind.  Then, yes then, I could use them for my will.  They would be very vulnerable and easily controlled.  The plan was perfect.  The only thing that wasn’t perfect was the virus.

I didn’t know that 1 out of approximately 30,100,000 of the offspring have a chance, albeit a small one, of not having vulnerabilities.  It would still be passed onto his children, but he would stand out.  He would have self-awareness.  He…did have self awareness.  Through the many years I sat and watched, I saw none like him.  But then one day, there he was.  Just by the way he walked, I could tell that he was different.  And he was.  If it hadn’t been for him, my reign would have been infinite.  But for him I suffered.  I commanded them (my semi-brainless drones) to destroy him.  But he was gone.  I found him again a few years later.  He had blended in with the drones fairly well, but I could still recognize him.  When I confronted him, I realized it was too late.  He was much more powerful than me, he could do whatever he willed.  I fled to my house, but he knew where it was.  While I had been searching for him in vain, he had found me.  He was outraged at the state of the world, the state I had put it in.  He found me, but by that time I (or rather my body) had died.  It seemed that experimenting with the virus had exposed me to a different virus, one that basically put a time limit on one’s life.  How do I write this now, you ask?  My drones.  Well, actually I had my conscious go to one of the drones when I died.  It was yet another vulnerability I built into them.

You can download it here:


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