This is a story (rated PG, by the way) that I wrote based (as verbatim as I could get it) on a dream I had. I have LOTS of crazy dreams, and you may see some of them later on. For now, here is PG (Oh, and you will notice a LOT of spelling errors; I originally wrote this on paper, and when I was typing it onto the computer I typed it as fast as I could, causing a lot of errors):

Connor, Barnaby and I are bing transported on a boat to prison (for something we didn’t do). When we get there, Connor and I are separated from Barnaby. He and I have a pretty good time in prison, doing parkour and stuff in the building (it wasnt too up tight) We had coats that were somewhat like trench coats. Eventually, though, we get bored. At the prison there worked a friend of ours. He knew we didn’t do whatever it was that landed us in prison, so he told us of a potential weakness. In the east side of the prison facility there was some construction going on. That night Connor and I snuck out to check it out. During “outside time”, we and the guards passed by some doors near the contruction. They led out to a steep hill with two paths. The next day when we were passing by we beat up the guards with us and ran out from the doors. Connor headed up the high path and I went down the low one. Guards  chased us, couldn’t get us. We kept running, and eventually came out on to a section similar to the rail trail. By this time it was dark. While the guards were chasing us, Connor ducked into the shadows to rest while they kept chasing me . I had had a similar idea, but after i sat in the shadows, a car drove past me , heading towards the way i had just come from. I wasn’t to concerned. But then one came from the way I had come, possibly from the prison, i lay in a gulley to avoid being seen. It passed. I got up and continued on my way. I got to another building and after i had gone inside i realized it was ANOTHER prison. Connor, having arrived before I did was stitting dejectedly on a bench. I sat next to him. A guard took Connor through some swinging double doors. Connor kicked them so they squashed the quard. I rand in after him. There were three levels of swinging double doors. Another person walked in. ” I saw a body being draged away and swinging doors, so I knew it must be Connor and John!” proclaimed Barnaby, for that’s who it was.

You can download it here:


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