Magic Theorem

Here is a Theorem that discusses several types of Magic.

Note: the magic arm/hand is generally the non-dominant hand.



Someone who has the power of Rune-Awakening can, simply, awaken runes.  If there is a rune, say, Aelgdishmur, it means nothing until “Awakened”.  Rune-Awakeners are used mostly for enchanted items, or ingrained magic items.  One cannot “become” a Rune-Awakener, they must be born so.  To awaken a rune, they simply touch it.



Users of AU (Ancient Undeirn) must be well-versed in the lore and readings of AU.  One can become an AU-user, but some will have more power than others.  To use an AU spell, they must stretch out their magic arm, hand open and palm facing outwards, clasp the elbow on the top with their non-magic hand, point this towards whatever they are putting the spell on, and say the words in AU.  However, for VERY powerful spells, only the words are needed.


Magic Draws

Magic Draws are similar to spells, but just drawn on something (generally the ground).  There is a list of several magic draws.  They are typically complex (exept for the basic attack).  Their names are written in Fe’anil.  The usual way (only exception I know of is Skerlight) to use one is to draw it in the ground with something (you can use a finger, but a stick or staff is usually better), then go from the centre and flick out towards the target.  For the exception of Skerlight, it is simply tapped in the centre.


Hand Symbols

Hand Symbols is a type of magic used by Clym, though he doesn’t know how to use them very well.


You can download it here:


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