This is a (sci-fi, maybe?) story that I wrote very quickly with the intention of making a vlog with a few of my friends placed in the final days of the earth.

Well, here I am.  This is “the first chronicle of arthur walterson”.  But i highly doubt that anyone will ever see this.  We are in desparate times, right now.  It has been about a week since the first purging of the world.  It has seemed like a year.  No running water, no heat, no electricity.  Though thankfully i bought a new “Darman’s Everlasting Battery” right before the first purge.  Thats how Im powering my computer for this.  The first purge.  That was the big one.  There have been a few minor ones since, but nothing compared to the first.  It happened all of a sudden.  I was watching Blackadder (great show, by the way, though its impossible to watch with no internet) when the tremors started.  Nothing big at first, just a small earthquake, or so most thought.  Then came the hail.  Massive hail, most nearing 3 inches in diameter.  The earthquakes started back up again, shaking the entire house.  My sister was almost crushed by one of our shelves falling over, shattered glass flying everywhere.  This earthquake lasted, oh, near half an hour i’d say.  We were do distracted by that that it wasn’t till later that we noticed very hellish things going on outside.  The hail had turned to flames, streaking down from the sky.  After this going on a few minutes, the grass was dry enough that it burst into flames when another barrage came down.  These flames licked up the trees, burning, burning, until they, too, were on fire.  The cars that hadn’t been overturned by the earthquake were now for the most part burning.  A few people made it out of their cars, but most suffocated or were roasted alive.  Cracks were splitting the roads, big enough for a full- grown man to fall through.  But we are fearing what has been coming out.  A good amount of radio stations are still running, and we can run my family’s radio off my battery.  We have heard rumors -rumors, mind you- that black figures were seen coming from the cracks, feasting on the bodies of the dead.  But these are (I think, hope, anyway) the delusions of the terrified.  I am pleased that i was allowed to get a gun a few months ago.  Though who knows if a weapon like that could harm these things (stalkers, most call them).  Creatures from the pit of the earth may not be vulnerable to mortal weapons.  I still keep it by me at all times.  I hope the government, or what is left of it, will be able to help us in this time of need.

You can download it here:



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