A History of Death Swamp

Here is the entire history of Death Swamp, put down chronologically.

A History of Death Swamp



The history of Death Swamp begins before the 1st age.  This is commonly referred to as Ceari, the beginning.  During this time, Death Swamp was called Navura, paradise.  Also at this time, there was a revolt between two parts of the people.  This caused a major civil war to break out, and a famous battle took place at what is now the Nuclear Waste Dumps.  The main weapon used in this battle was the musket.  During this battle 10,000 men died.  It is a myth that the name was changed from Navura to Death Swamp at this time.  That change came around the beginning of the 1st age.  After the 10,000 men died, their souls went into the pits that were created from various explosions during the war, and their bodies decayed and went through the dirt into the pits as well, creating the Nuclear Waste.  It is, in fact, not active in a nuclear sense, though it is very dangerous.  Methuel (The Enemy) was controlling one of the factions in this war.  During this time Methuel gained much power.  A minor event that happened before the first age was the creation of Archea.  The first age came along, and the 1,000 men died close in Death Swamp.  It must be pointed out that the 1,000 men have nothing to do with either the civil war or the 10,000 men.  At this time, as it has been said, Navura was now called Death Swamp.  Shortly afterwards, Clym discovered Death Swamp.  He knew nothing more about it than the fact that 1,000 men died there and that their souls come out during the rain (as they do for the Nuclear Waste as well).  During this time, Archea was lost.  Also during this time, Clym fought in the Tree Wars.  He also discovered the Invisibility Jacket, and how to use the Rusty Cans as weapons.  He won the Tree Wars, though they technically took place out of Death Swamp.  Nothing particularly important happened during the First Age.  The second Age began with Clym learning more about Death Swamp, though not too much more.  The limit of his knowledge went to the Mossy Logs.  During this age he (Clym) started having dreams concerning Death Swamp, which allowed him to learn more about it.  In the Second Age, Clym went into the Two Ways dimension.  In this he went down a pathway that was theoretical of his life.  Eventually he made his way back.As in the First Age, nothing much important happened.  Either around the end of the Second Age or the beginning of the Third Age, Clym discovered the end of the main section (at the time, anyway) of Death Swamp.  He thought he knew all there was to know about Death Swamp, and was disappointed.  But he was wrong, oh yes, he was wrong.  While pressing further and further into Death Swamp, he stumbled upon the master lair of The Enemy.  Clym did not know his name at the time, other than the fact that it began with an “m”.  He had a few minor fights against him, but nothing major.  Around this time, some major things outside the boundary of Death Swamp were happening.  For one, Clym disproved the Old Wive’s Tales twice (Once, then someone else (under spell of the Enemy) disproved them in an effort to strip Clym of his recently-acquired power, so that Clym had to re-disprove them to get the power back), resulting in him becoming Life.  He discovered Life Berries, the Fire Marble, the Box, Jewel Weed, the Shading Ceremony, the Ceremony of Life, the Staff of Life, and the Binding Compass, among other things.  He also learned several techniques to fight the Enemy and his followers.  Around this time he also started exploring Death Swamp on the other side of the RT.  He found The Place Where Six- and Seven Trees dance.  These are right next to the Nuclear Waste Dumps, but he didn’t know that at the time.  Also then he learned one of the prophecies concerning himself, …He is the one whose blood will turn to water in his own veins…  It is still unknown what that means.  Right before he found the Fire Marble, he placed the 7 stakes into the Burnt-Out Circle, creating a place for Ceremonies to be done.  A time after this he used the Ceremony of Life to bring back his master.  While his spirit was out of his body, his body was taken over by another spirit (a follower of the Enemy), which killed his master.  Clym immediately went back to his body, but it was too late.  His master was dead.  But Clym became Life (for one of the first times) and did the Ceremony of Life, which consists of picking 6 perfect Jewel Weed plants, and placing them pointing outwards over the 6 outer wooden stakes, then sticking the Staff of Life into the center of the Burnt-out Circle, going into Life mode, and cutting the Staff of Life with the Sword of Life.  After a little while the person comes back to life, and so did Clym’s master.  Also at this time he went into the King dimension, in which he was a tyrannical King of a nation (possibly far into Death Swamp’s past, though only possibly).  He then was thrown in jail because he broke one of his own rules.  He then went back to his regular dimension.  While walking on the RT one day, however, he found a Black One.  The Black Ones were servants of the Enemy.  There has been some debate whether the Black Ones and the Dark Ones (other servants of the Enemy) are the same, but that has still yet to be cleared up.  Clym did not have any particularly useful weapons to fight against the Black Ones at this time (other than the ones he gained when he became Life).  One encounter Clym had with the Black Ones ended in him running from them, but then the Sun gave Clym the power of Sun-Fire.  Sun-Fire is not hot or does it burn away at what it is on, nor does it catch other things on fire unless the wielder wishes it to be so.  But it does hurt the Black Ones considerably.  Clym’s dreams about Death Swamp increased in number and power.  Early in the winter Clym came upon a beast near the Marker (that marks the boundary of the edge of Death Swamp), and killed it.  He then walked further into Death Swamp and found the Enemy waiting there for him.  He then had a battle with The Enemy.  Part-way through the battle, Clym called upon the spirits of the surrounding plants, the moss and trees.  He kept battling the Enemy, but got exhausted and thought that eating some snow (and therefore drinking some water) would help him.  Unfortunately, Clym forgot that winter is the Element of the Enemy, and therefore the Enemy was able to steal the power of the spirits of the moss and trees that Clym was using, strengthening him, and weakening Clym.  Clym ran away from the Enemy, in an effort to get to the Marker (which also marks the beginning of the land that the Enemy cannot come into).  He ran past, thinking he was safe.  But because the Enemy was in full spirit mode, he was able to overpower the magic containing him to the area he was in, and broke past the Marker.  Clym went into Life mode (a desparate move, seeing that going into Life mode, while easy to do after the first few times, is not something to be taken lightly), and created the appearance that the area was now in summer, which reversed the Enemy’s power.  The Enemy fled back into Death Swamp, which was fortunate, because changing a season (even if it is fake), is a very difficult thing to do.  Later in the winter in the Third Age, Clym fell into the Nuclear Waste Dumps.  It should have killed him, both from dangerous nature of the Nuclear Waste, and the extreme cold.  For a while after this (the period of around 1/2 of an Age), The Enemy thought that Clym was dead.  He had of course, sabotaged the ice on top of the Nuclear Waste Dumps, in an effort to kill Clym.  It stripped Clym of some of his power, and left in its place a hardening on him, which limited his power for the majority of the time.  He found out later (much later indeed!) that for short amounts of time he could take back the energy he lost there and use it, but it exhausts him after it goes away.  The hardening factor of the Nuclear Waste was a side-effect of the decaying souls.  If something spends any amount of time in the Nuclear Waste, it gets infected with the Hardening.  This happened to the Staff of Power that Clym left in there later on in time.  A little while after Clym fell into the Nuclear Waste, he spotted at night a creature from Death Swamp that served as a scout for the Enemy.  Clym tried to kill it, but because it was at night, he couldn’t tell if he was successful or not.  Sadly, around this bleak time, most creatures and plants sided with the Enemy, because most thought Clym to be dead.  Not all changed sides, but only a minority kept up hope.  Clym’s body had never been recovered, so it was possible that he survived, they thought.  And the Enemy sent out hordes of messenger ravens to look for him.  Eventually they did find him, and reported it to the Enemy.  He was displeased, because, though falling in the Nuclear Waste Dumps weakened Clym, it also made him tougher, one side effect of the Hardening.  Then the Fourth Age started.  There were two attacks by Black Ones sent out by the Enemy the proved futile.  Clym recovered Archea, which proved to be a formidable weapon.  The magic was laid deep in it.  He went into another dimension, this time into the Future dimension.  During this time spent in the Future dimension, he discovered the Desecrated Spot.  Around this time Clym ventured deeper than ever into Death Swamp, going up into Cerberus Woods, though not very far.  He only skirted around the edge of the plateau, not going near the ferns.  He did not know about Cerberus, or that these woods were called the Cerberus Woods.  Clym also ventured past the Nuclear Waste Dumps into the fields beyond.  Here he fought a battle led on by the Enemy, but not fought by him.  He influenced spiders to fight against Clym in his place.  Clym battled, but wasn’t making much progress.  Then the Enemy lead Clym past the thicket to look at what was beyond.  The three old cars were there, of an unknown Age.  The Enemy also showed Clym the, what was thought to be at the time, crypt.  When Clym left that area, the spiders had dispersed.  Then began the Fifth Age.  Clym explored learned what Cerberus Woods was called, explored there quite a bit more (including going into the Ferns).  He also learned about Ceberus.  But during the Fifth Age the most momentous thing that happened was the revealing of the Greater Enemy.  The Greater Enemy brought down the Enemy by force, and made him a servant.  The Greater Enemy had only heard rumors of Clym, so, for Clym anyway, nothing much happened.  The number of dreams about Death Swamp that he had at this time went down.  But Clym still learned much about Death Swamp.  While walking towards Death Swamp on the Pathway of War, he had several visions about the 10,000 men that died, the civil war, and from whence the Nuclear Waste came from.  During this time he also pressed onwards past the Crypt, which he now saw was, in fact, not a Crypt.  It was actually ruins of a mill.  He also went down to the River on several occasions.  By the Sixth Age, though, Clym knew that things were going wrong.  The Enemy pulled off a successful coup d’etat, and overthrew the Greater Enemy.  But this was only the beginning of Clym’s troubles.  He realized that Death Swamp was dying.  It, as a land, had aged, and was now fading.  A minor note is that one the same day that he discovered the Fading of Death Swamp, he also learned about the Hardening (or Stiffening) infection, and how to bring back his energy from the Nuclear Waste Dumps for a short amount of time.  Later in that day he was exploring the woods behind the Nuclear Waste Dumps, and found the Metal Tablet, inscribed with a prophecy about how to bring back life to Death Swamp.  It seems that this tablet was enchanted to only come out when Death Swamp was in peril.  It says that Clym must find a Stone of Power to bring back Death Swamp, but that has been the only thing that Clym has been able to read of it.  He had not seen where the Stone may be found, or of its looks, or anything.  Also on this day, Clym learned the true name of the Enemy, Methuel.  It may be noted that during the Fourth Age, Clym knew there to be a Fifth Age.  But in this Sixth Age, he didn’t know if there would be a Seventh Age.  Death Swamp was deep in peril indeed.  Later on, Clym went into Death Swamp and, as walking and knowing the shadows, learned the second prophecy about himself, I am the one, and the one is me.  I killed the one, and the other ones three.  He also heard that he wasn’t to find the Stone, but would make it.  About a month later, he went out again, and had a conference with the King of All Trees.  He told Clym that he wished him to kill the Core-Vine being (also know as Rewas, Rewes, or Fenae.  He and Clym signed an agreement that Clym would do so.  The King of All Trees also told Clym that the Stone could be made from the ashes of the Rewas.


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