Quadrants Theorem

Here is the Quadrants Theorem. This ties in closely to “My True Heritage”.

In the world, there are four quadrants. Three of them are of the physical world, and the fourth is that of the spirits. The quadrants each are on top of one another, and are more like percentages. The average is 75 % physical, and 25 % spiritual. However, these numbers can change depending on where you are. Deasth Swamp is around 45 – 55, respectively. There are a few things that are inter-quadral. The primarey one is fire. Regular fire is more useful on physical things, whereas sun- and purple-, or spirit-fire are more useful on spiritual things. Levels are directly connected to how far one can see into the fourth quadrant. Individual “portals” between the quadrants can be created, but are very dangerous. Clym originally came from the fourth quadrant when he was young (In this form. He has however, existed since around the early 1800s).


You can download it here:





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