My True Heritage

This was a school assignment, until I got bored with my supposedly real life and fictionalized it (or did I make it real?).

I do not remember the first five or so years of my life, other than an image or two interjected randomly.  The reason for this?  My identity.  I can tell you what I “remember”, but this has only been constructed for me by the people that call me “son”.  However, I know the truth of the matter.  I had been the son of two of the most important people from the Hidden Quadrant, a place on earth that is where the true battle rages.  They died in battle when I was 4.  I was then taken back to what most people know as the Three Quadrants, the place of physical wars.  I was adopted by Marylin and Trevor Walterson, who told me the lies of my life.  But these lies have been what I have grown up in, and, in a way, have become truth, at least for me.  They say I was born in a small city in ———– of the United States of America.  I grew up fairly normal, though I showed a few small signs of having powers similar to those my true parents had.  I could see a few of the (to the human eye) invisible warriors that had been sent to protect me.  I lived in ———, moved to ————- when I was about 6 lived in 3 places there, moved back to ———— when I was 9, and lived in several houses while there.  I was homeschooled, and was interested in several things, including creating things from small plastic blocks called LEGOs, drawing, and creating fantasy worlds.  When I got to be around 12, though, my true powers started to come out.  I started to see more of the true world, some of the things of the Hidden Quadrant, and battled an exile from the Hidden called Methuel.  I began to write, I had done a Martial Art called Karate for several years and had gotten to one of the highest places at my school.  I created (or rather, re-found) several types of magic.  Little did I know that they were types of magic that my parents had used at the war against the Death-Shadow.  But one of the most obvious signs of my true heritage was that I was different from other children my age.  While they focused on things of no importance, I saw deeper than them.

Here you can download it:


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