Levels Theorem

So, The Theorems are basically rules about how things work in my worlds.

Levels are measures of Imagination power.  Children, when first born, have the ability of understanding 7 levels.  This number typically goes down as they age.  Most humans today understand 3 – 5 levels.  A lucky few, however can see around 12.  Rarely, though sometimes, humans can understand around 17.  Beings that understand 15 or more levels are referred to as “Deep-Seers”.The limit of all levels is 30, though the highest number is held by Clym, 25.  One is allowed to understand more levels if and when they become a Ai.  All of the Tri-Beings understand an unlimited number of levels.  When humans get above the age of 60, they are allowed to understand more or less levels.  Occasionally, an elder’s levels go down to 1 or 2 levels, which can confuse things horribly.  Those who get more levels get the levels from other elders.  Individual objects or actions can have levels as well.  The fact that newborn children have such high levels is a reason why they enjoy elders and deep-seers.  Some people take drugs as a way they think gives them more levels.  However it puts a strain on their current levels (having to emulate more) and it, eventually destroys the levels, which makes the person want more levels, they take more drugs, more levels are destroyed, etc.  Levels will grow back, though sometimes the person must be put in “rehab” before they do so.  A place, thing or idea can have levels as well.  People that cannot understand as many levels as it is may have problems understanding it.

You can download it here:



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