Here is Act. I wrote this while VERY bored at a Chemistry class. Now my promise on the home page has been completed! Well, don’t worry. There is LOTS more of Assorted Stories to come. Just you wait.


He rushed through the door and gasped out, “The flame of life had died!”, then collapsed on the floor.

“Medic!  Come here!  This man needs help!” Act barked out.  A few men rushed in, ready to do his bidding.

Act continued, this time in a calmer voice, “Bring him into the health tent.  Put him on a cot and give him 3 doses of Quli extract.”

The men nodded  and lifted the messenger off the ground.  Act turned to the men that accompanied him at all times.

“Send 3 messengers out and see if it is true.  It is isn’t, the man will be….dealt with,”

The men he spoke to had trouble concealing a grimace.

“But, if it is, we will have to prepare for war.  The flame is the only thing that has kept the peace all these years.”

The men nodded, then one of them walked off.

Three doses?  Are you sure that y…”

Act interrupted the other man.  “I want him alive enough to feel pain if he is wrong, or enough that he will be able to tell us more.”


Here is the download link for Act:



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