About Tears and Ashes

This was my first story, and it shows in my writing. Despite the mediocre writing, I think the story is pretty good. At this point of time in my writing, I was “emulating” writing a fantasy story; I hadn’t tried anything like this before and didn’t really know how to go about it. Eventually, though, I developed my writing style more, and it is still evolving to this day.


I’ve made an exectutive decision on this. I really hate this story, and I think it is a disgrace. Sure, I had just started writing. But this is unexcusably bad.

Terrible story. Terrible spelling. Terrible grammar. And don’t even bring up that horrific imitation of a poem.

And a reader notified me the other day that it follows a plot very similar to that of Christopher Paolini’s Eragon (which I have not read). My apologies for accidentally creating this counterfeit.

No, not only that. My apologies for any time you may have spent reading this disgrace.

But if you really really want to read it, you can send me an email asking for a password to view it (I haven’t deleted it, I’ve just password protected it).


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