The Rock

This is my only (so far) story written in the second person. I wrote it because of some vision-sorta things I was having for a while.

You see a letter.  It alone takes up all of your vision.  It is a letter “t”.  It isn’t too fancy, but not plain either, more like this: “T“.  You are backing up now, and can see more of it.  It is the first letter in the word “Truths“.  What this means, you could have no idea.  You are backing up more now again, and see an entire sentence.  “These Truths I see to be relevant: that we are in desperate times, and that there is only on who can help us..”  You back up more, and see that there is paragraph, more, and you see an entire page of writing.  But where is it?  A desk?  That would seem the most probable.  But you zoom out more and see that it is actually a book, open on a metal base that looks like iron.  More, and you see that it is in a cage of iron.  More, and you see that it is held, alone, on a small island of, cement? you wonder to yourself, in an ocean of something.  What is it?  It looks clear, but not like water.  It is slightly off-color in a way that you can’t tell.  With all the different purities of water, it could very well be water of a purity you have never seen.  But it isn’t!  You know it isn’t.  You back up more and see that it isn’t an ocean of the stuff.  It is actually a circular pool of it, about 30 feet in radius.  Even at this distance, everything is very clear.  You can still make out the letter you first saw.  You shift your gaze around the outside of the pool, and see men spaced out every 10 or so feet around the edge.  Each holds something in his hand.  You look closer and see that it is a type of lighter that can be lit and kept lit even when not in the hand of the user.  Everything clicks.  The liquid is a gas, probably kerosene.  The lighters, the Book…..  It all makes sense.  In unison, the twenty-something men lift their right arm that each hold the lighter.  They light them, and toss them in the air.  Twenty-four lighters, twenty-four flames, going to create nothing more than one lighter and one flame could have done.  But this is the way it is done.  They are all spinning in the air, slowly gaining ground, then losing it and gaining speed towards the kerosene.

You wake up with a cold sweat.  This has happened several nights before.  But you were never able to see everything so vividly as this time.  The only thing that would make sense is The Rock.  It is what most people refer the military base hidden deep inside the desert as.  The reason for the name is the fact that the walls, 2 kilometers by 3 kilometers, are the only thing made of rock bigger than a grain of sand in the nearest 200 kilometers surrounding it.  A few months ago some rumors got around about a book, possibly The Book, hidden there.  If your dream was right, so were the rumors.  And you had good reason to believe your dreams.  On more than one occasion they had saved your skin by giving you information on what would happen.  And happen soon.  All the other times it had happened within 2 days of the dream.  So you would only have, at most, that much time before this happened.  But you couldn’t see what you could do to stop it.  After all, it was a government base.  But the government must be stopped.  The Book couldn’t be destroyed.


You can download The Rock here:


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