Notes 9

Here is Notes 9:

32 grams of this, ” he said, measuring out some of a white powder, ” and mix thouroghly.  This should be enough for at least 20 rounds.  That’s all I’ll need.”

He poured the mixture into a small maching, then pressed a button on said machine.  There was a whirring that started, and lasted for a few minutes.  Then out from the machine came a neatly organized box of bullets.  All but one of these he emptied into a small box, and, locking it, put it in a drawer in the table that the small machine rested on.  The one he had taken out he loaded into a revolver sitting on the table.  He took the revolver out to his back yard where he had several sheets of matal, of varying thicknesses and types, set up.  He aimed at a 3/4 ” copper plate, then cocked and fired.  A bang, then another sound as the bullet set into the metal.  As he hatched, the metal around where the round had made contact began to warp, then corrode, then eventually melt and fall apart completely.

“Good, good.  I had heard that recipie  worked well.” he said to himself.  “Now to New Germany.  I hear Charles has another mission for me.”  He sighed. “I do hate doing these missions.  I can’t help it though.  I suppose I am helping people, but, still…”  His voice trailed off.  Since Charles (as he was instructed to call the man he worked for) had helped him after he found himself without a job after the war, he had had a love/hate relationship with his work.


You can download Notes 9 here:


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