Notes 7

Here is Notes 7:

He was back.

“Damn, I hate this place.” He muttered to himself.

He looked around at the bodies, now starting to stand up.

“And I hate this time.”

One of the bodies started walking towards him, but he didn’t move.  It walked right through him.

“I didn’t think he was one of the 3.”

One of the bodies, obviously different from the others, spotted him and started walking, then jogging, then sprinting towards him.

“Damn, damn, damn!  He wasn’t supposed to be around here!”

He braced himself.

The body, when he got close, pulled out a intricately carved dagger.  Without pausing for a second, it plunged it deep into his chest.  All the bodies then slumped back to the floor.


The blood was dripping again this time.


Download Notes 7 here:


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