Notes 5

Here is Notes 5:

He sat up and looked around in vain, then rubbed his head.  He winced in pain as he felt the lump on his head.  Then the memories rushed back to him.  The memories of the whippings.  The memories of them.  He struggled to make out anything in the darkness.  He then noticed that his hands were tied to the floor.  As he tugged at the ropes, he heard a whip cracking, a sound he was used to.  Hold them back, he said to himself, the memories will only make it worse.  He couldn’t help it.  He heard people screaming and saw bodies piled up in corners, men writhing on the floor.  He felt warm blood splatter on his face.  In his mind’s eye, he looked around and saw dismembered arms, crushed bodies, and bloody saws.  His mind and his sensed collided.  He heard a scream, this one real and close.  Again he felt warm blood on his face, this vivid and terrifying.  A light turned on, and he saw a deranged man frantically crawling out of it.  He heard several gunshots, then the man slumped on the floor.  He heard a machine turn on then the sound of bones cracking.  Another light turned on, this one nearer to him, and saw what looked like a root or a vine creeping toward him.  Closer, closer.  The light turned off.  The vine wrapped up the rope he was tied to.  Blackness.  A bag was put over his head.


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