Notes 4

Here is Notes 4!

He looked up from the forest floor.  Up, up through the trees, to the grey, stormy sky above.

“Enough of a break.  Back to running.” he told himself.

After a few minutes, he collapsed on the ground.

“I can’t do it anymore.”

A voice in his mind told him they were coming.  It told him that if they found him, he would be taken away.  Taken away from his life.

He heard the sound of breaking twigs.  The voice was right.  They were coming, and they would take him away.  As they broke into the clearing, he heard Martis’s sneering voice.

“Well, thought you could get away from us, eh?”

The group of men that were with him sniggered.

Martis put on a face. “Y’know, that makes me sad.  Really sad.  And when I’m sad, I want to make other people sad.”  His face turned back into that sneering face that ‘Mendril’ (as he was called at the time) was so used to.  “You know that I’m good at doing that.”

The  group of men sniggered again, this time louder and more sinisterly.

Martis pulled out a few “tools” as he called them.  Hooks, tweezers, and vises.

“I hope this time that you will be more agreeable.” Martis said as he singled out one of the vises.  “Hold him!” He ordered the other men.  Mendril noticed that two men had gone on either side of him, and now these men grabbed him.  They held him tight while a third man opened his mouth.

Martis looked surprised when he saw what was inside Mendril’s mouth.  “What is that?” he said while looking at the small white pill.

“Arsenic.” Mendril attempted to say with the man still holding his mouth, then bit down.


Here is the download link for Notes 4:


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