Notes 3

Here is Notes 3:


The one night I had off.

Of course they would come that night.

I sat up in my chair and squinted in the light.

“Where is it?” A gruff voice said.

I smiled.  “Where is what?”

“Don’t play with us, Doctor.”  He lifted up his hand and reared to smack me.

“Put down your hand, Najabta.  I will get the location from him.” A softer, though subtlety evil voice said.

A figure emerged from the shadows.  It would have been a gorgeous one, if it had not been so sinister.

“You will tell us, Doctor.” The same evil voice said to him.

“Nope.  I don’t think so.  In fact, I think that YOU will let me go.”

She laughed, an hollow laugh like that of someone ready to die.  “Actually, we won’t.  Actually, if you don’t tell us, ” any shadow of a smile now disappeared from her face as she motioned to Najabta.  He held out his gun. “then Najabta here might have to………dispose of you.”

“Heh.  Fine.  I should tell you, though, that by the time that you find it, it will have gone through 9 half-lives.”

Najabta frowned. “Meaning……?”

“….meaning that it will practically be gone.  You won’t be able to use it.”

The woman grinned. “Well, perhaps we already know of  its whereabouts.  If I shot you, then, I would only be ridding myself of one of the obstacles of the mission.”

A man walking by heard a sound like a gun cocking.  Before he had figured out what the sound was, the gun fired.


Here is a download link for Notes 3:


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