Notes 2

Here is Notes 2:


“Of course.  That makes all the more sense.”

John walked past the dusty Porsche, that had a brand-new license plate.  He had just noticed something on the car that said that the owner had a pilot’s license.

This was the car that was used for getaways from the drug-dealing deals.  John realized that this wasn’t Lebanon-based anymore.  This was worldwide.  That would explain why a small gas station could afford a Porsche.

“Well, I suppose it’s time.”  John pulled out his P99 pistol and went inside.

A shot and a muffled scream.

The birds that had been roosting on the roof flew off.

John strode out of the gas station, a blood splatter on his shirt.  He put on his trench coat, just to avoid alarming the locals.


Here is a download link to it:






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