Notes 10

Here is Notes 10:

It’s all over. It is absolutely all over. Shot dead, the newspapers said. But I wasn’t. True, the NGMs shot me several times, but that wasn’t what killed me. It was Charles. He had never been my friend. He was the one who found me first, but not a coincidence. He had been searching for me. He knew the powers I had and wanted them.




Here again? I said to myself. I shouldn’t be. It was all over! It had to be! But…


I looked down at my “fatal wound”, my ticket to this hell that I was all to familar with. A dagger wound? It was worse, wasn’t it?


Ah, I remember. Charles and I killed each other simutaniously. That must have done…something. But a dagger wound?

Drip. Splatter.

Ah, the dagger wound wasn’t from Charles! I see it all so clearly now! The wound was from me! Well, another me. I am accumulating wounds from this side now!


But that would mean Charles is here, and I must kill him here to return. Kill him in the land of death.


And I will wait a lifetime for him.




Here is the download link for Notes 10:


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