About Notes

I have enjoyed writing the Notes saga. It was one of the first things I wrote; I wrote Notes 1 around the time of Tears and Ashes. While I realize that it isn’t my best written story, it remains one of my favorites. And if you are wondering, it isn’t supposed to make sense, and NO the stories are not in chronological order. If you must know how the story goes, it is approximatly like this:

John, Mendril, or the Doctor (all the same person, just different lives) awakes.

He joins the war.

War ends and he is left without a job.

Charles “helps” him out.

He goes on many missions as a mercenary for Charles.

Charles betrays him.

Charles and Mendril kill each other simultaniously and both go to the land of death/hell. It must be noted that Mendril SHOULD have died by being killed by Charles, but because he killed Charles he only went to hell (-1 + 1).


Mendril waits for Charles, kills him, and goes back the land of the living. He still acts as a mercenary there.


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